About Me

I love plants! Not the showy ones but those that grow naturally wild and strong.

There is a growing interest from people wishing to learn more about natural healing.  Plants give us so much - food, shelter, CO2/O2 exchange, beauty, and of vital importance is their gift of medicine.

Having used complementary medicine for years for my family and whilst studying horticulture, I realised that all my interests led in one direction - herbal medicine. So I returned to my studies and undertook the four year degree in Herbal Medicine with the College of Phytotherapy. I qualified in 2005 and have been practising as a medical herbalist since then.

I have also worked for Neal's Yard Remedies, initially making the herbal tinctures for Neal's Yard at the beautiful site of Springhead, Fontmell Magna. I then moved to the NYR advice line specialising in helping people with queries about herbal medicine. I am a member of the National Institute of Herbal Medicine (MNIMH) and I continue to offer herbal advice on their helpline.

One of my special interests is Anglo Saxon herbal remedies - the ruins and gardens of Shaftesbury Abbey are a very special place and well worth a visit. Here I have helped Peter the Garden Director expand an Anglo Saxon herb garden into a collection of about 100 herbs. The Abbey often offers herb walks, talks, school and garden club visits.



                            Chamomile, Plantain and Hyssop at Shaftesbury Abbey

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