Herbal Medicine

A little about herbal medicine...

Herbal Medicine uses plant remedies to restore well-being.

This safe and gentle medicine is based on knowledge from traditional use, reinforced today by scientific knowledge and research. Herbalists focus on treating the root causes of your illness and treatment works at many levels. We aim to restore health, balance and well-being to the whole person.

We use from one to many herbs in your treatment and your medicine will be formulated specifically for you. 

On your first visit you can expect the consultation to last over one hour. Your full medical history is recorded. Blood pressure and pulse are taken and further physical examination may be required. Treatment can include tinctures, teas, capsules, tablets, creams or lotions and advice may be given on lifestyle and diet. A follow up consultation is recommended after two or three weeks. Patients are encouraged to contact me if they have any concerns or queries at any time. Total confidence is assured.

           Rosemary Tea in the Garden Room

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